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Meet Our Amazing Team!

paw print.png
paw print.png

It's paw-some to work with such great people

Caroline the founder


Founder / Creative Director

Caroline is originally from West Sussex in the UK, she moved to the Liverpool area in June 2022 with her husband. They had fallen in love with the vibrant city; Merseyside has a great vibe and plenty culture from The Beatles, the Industrial Revolution and of course Liverpool FC!

Since setting up their new home (and base of operations), they have adopted two very crazy tuxedo cats... who have taken over the family living space.

Caroline enjoys the sights and sounds of Liverpool, but continues to visit Sussex on a regular basis so she can enjoy the sun, seaside and salty air... Although she really doesn't miss being woken up by seagulls every morning!

Get to know me :
  • My favourite book genres are romance and fantasy

  • I like to spend time with my husband and our two cheeky cats

  • My favourite drink is Yorkshire Gold Tea (the best tea around!)

  • If there were 48 hours in a day I'd probably spend them developing new products!

Meloday black and white tuxedo cat


Name-sake / Head Spokescat

Meow... I mean, hello everyone! My all-time favourite thing is to chase my older brother around the house either play fighting or tormenting him - whilst driving my human parents mad! I know they hate it at 3am, but that's why I do it!

​I love getting cuddles and pets from mum and dad, but on my terms of course! I mean, come on, who wants their belly rubbed or their back stroked without being bribed by Dreamies?

When I was adopted from the animal sanctuary "Rescue Me" in Liverpool, Mum and Dad were advised that I was a little diva - can you imagine? Me, a diva? I just know what I like and I like what I know! My parents didn't quite believe this to start with... but have learnt that this is definitely the case!

​I also like to fall asleep on the cat tree and leave my cat toys all over the house. It's not my fault that my brother and I have got adoring fans all over the globe who like to lavish me with gifts!

Get to know me :
  • My favourite book genres are... what's a book?

  • My favourite animals of all time are humans, because they feed me!

  • My favourite drink is kitten milk

  • If there were 48 hours in the day I'd probably spend them pouncing on my brother and being a diva!

Evan head product tester


Head Product Tester / Cat Wrangler

Evan is originally from Indiana USA, which is quite different from Liverpool, UK! Indiana has a lot of flat corn and soy fields which spread for miles in all directions, and lets not forget the notorious Mid-West winters!

​Evan moved from America in September 2021 to be with Caroline and since then they have been working hard to develop Melody's Magical Scents.


He enjoys living in the north of England and has developed a fondness for Liverpool Football Club, which means he can often be found on the couch, watching a game on the TV with the cats causing mayhem around him!

Get to know me :
  • My favourite book genre is either non-fiction or sci-fi fantasy

  • My favourite animals of all time are the Manatees. They are such calm and relaxing floaty sea potatoes!

  • My favourite drink is Sweet Tea

  • If there were 48 hours in the day I'd probably spend them chasing my cats...

Amanda product tester


Product Tester

Amanda is a specialist product tester for any creations that are related to headaches, migraines and sleep.

We really appreciate her dedication and feedback! Regular testing and trials help us to improve the experience for our customers.

Steph product tester


Product Tester

Steph is a specialist product tester for our shower sprays, roller bottles and also sleep-related products.

We really appreciate her dedication and willingness to try new things! Getting our final products right for our customers takes dedication.

Kate Fromings Author


Writer / Media Consultant

Kate enjoys helping Melody's Magical Scents reach out to their customer base through friendly website design and all types of written content.

Kate uses her 15+ years of professional experience to bring Caroline's ideas to life. This includes website advice, digital marketing feedback and written content creation such as blogs and articles.

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