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Our Products

(and how to use them!)

What's in the shop?

We currently stock online:

  • Shower Sprays

  • Pillow Sprays

  • Roller Bottles

We can make to order (message us):

  • Shower Steamers


Want to find out a little more about our products and how to use them? You've come to the right place!

Two small glass bottles surround by blue crystal shards and white flowers

Important Disclaimer

Please remember that everyone's skin reacts differently to essential oils and products. Even though we only use organic vegan ingredients of the highest quality, it is important to do a patch test before fully committing to using a product. Any sign of redness or itching means you may be allergic to one of the ingredients - stop using it immediately, wash off with water and contact your GP for further advice.

two shower steamers with embossed bees and flowers on them

Shower Steamers (made to order)

Melody's Magical Scents was founded on these fizzy wonders! They are like bath bombs but for your shower. The reason they are 'made to order' and appear at our pop up events, is that they have a shorter shelf-life than our other products, so they need to be used within a week or two of purchase... we guarantee you'll love their calming and soothing effects, just send us a message or email to discuss further and we'll be happy to help!

Shower Sprays

Our Shower Sprays are the perfect way to start your day... or finish off your night. Designed with luxurious organic ingredients, they leave you feeling revived, rejuvenated and ready to face the world (even if that's just your bed and a comfy cushion). We believe that our shower sprays are effective at reducing certain pain and soreness, encouraging a relaxing scented stress-free shower experience every time.

How they work:

We recommend that you run your shower for a minute or so before you step inside, this allows you to build up some light steam and mist. This part of the process is essential to allow the shower spray to diffuse effectively in the air!

Spritz the spray in your steamy shower cubicle or enclosed area between 5 to 10 times; it all depends on how strong you would like the smell to be! Every shower in the world is different - the aim is to have the fragrance of the oils stay for most of your shower experience to help relax your body and mind... without the usual 'smell' of chemicals found in synthetic shower gels and shampoos invading!

A silver shpwer head pouring water down onto someone's hand
A purple small bottle of organic shower spray on a mid blue background
a woman sleeping on a bed with white pillows
a bottl of pillow spray with some lavender flowers behind it

Pillow Sprays

Looking for a natural way to fall asleep faster? Or maybe you'd like to have a relaxing experience as you regain your energy laying on your bed during the day? Our organic pillow sprays are a natural way to improve your sleep quality and help you unwind. The scents from our range have been tested and improved upon since we started - feedback is important to us, especially if you are going to be trusting us to give you a great night's sleep!

How they work:

We recommend spraying your pillow just as you are about to lie down, between 5 to 10 sprays evenly over the back of your pillow. At first use the back side, and if you feel you need a stronger scent (and you have completed a patch test) you can spray the side you are laying on. However, don't do too many spritzes because our essential oils are potent and it may get too overpowering! If you really struggle falling asleep, or you turn your pillow over frequently whilst trying to get comfortable then we would suggest spraying both sides.

Top Tip:

Our sprays contain essential oils! Please ensure you test the spray on a discreet, small piece of your pillow to ensure that your fabric is suitable. Any questions - just send us a message!

Scented Roller Bottles

Melody's Magical Scents roller bottles are the perfect way to incorporate fragrance and personal care into your daily routine. Our collection is constantly expanding and includes a variety of scents and treatments to suit your needs. Whether you're using them for aromatherapy, or as a natural remedy, our roller bottles are a convenient and effective way to take care of yourself and smell great doing it!

How they work:

Roller bottles can be used pretty much anywhere over your body (external use only). It truly depends on what works best for you! Please avoid areas of 'thin' skin such as the area around your eyes and your lips.

We recommend - through our rigorous testing - putting the roller on places such as the insides of your wrists, temples or your forehead.


For a relaxing experience you can try behind the earlobes, the back of your neck and pulse points... pretty much anywhere you'd usually put a fragrance, except we have the added benefit of essential oils and witch hazel!

A woman using a fragrance roller bottle on her write in front of a japanese red acer tree
A roller bottle made with yellow glass on a pink background

New Products In 2024

We also offer a selection of crystals, bracelets and gifts over at our sister store Melody's Magical Crystals!
Here we look at your health holistically, combining spiritual well-being, mindfulness and alternative ways to easy chronic pain... or just treat yourself, because you're worth it!

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