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Shower Steamers*: Shower Steamers are an alternative to Bath Bombs. Especially if you prefer to shower instead of taking a bath.

They fizz like bath bombs, but are solely for the use in your shower routine. They work well whether it be in a shower stall area or the bath itself. Firstly run the water, preferrably if its in a shower unit wait until its steamy. Then put the shower steamer in the furthest corner from the running water, get them a bit wet (the more wet you get the steamer the less time they will last) and they will start fizzing releasing the essential oils and it acts like an aromatherapy shower experience.

Once done we recommend drying it off, put it in an air-tight container and it can be reused again.

Instructions are included on how to use the Shower Steamers when we send out your products.

*Please note that our Shower Steamers are currently available on this website until 31st December 2023. From 1st Janurary 2024, we will only be selling them in-person at the events we will be attending; or via a custom-made order on the website.

Shower Sprays: Shower Sprays work well together with the Shower Steamers or by themselves.

Shower Sprays are ideal for people who want to feel refreshed, rejuvenated or just want to make their shower time more enjoyable. Or if you are are in pain, they work well too.

We recommend that you run your shower before you step inside, when it's reaching the temperature that you are wanting. Spritz the Shower Spray between 5 to 10 times. It all depends on how strong you would like the smell to be. Work your way down from the top of the shower to the middle and then near the bottom, spritzing it as you go. 

Step inside your shower and enjoy the experience of the oils being released into the water.

Instructions are included on how to use the Shower Sprays when we send out your products.

Pillow Sprays: Pillow Sprays are helpful for those who struggle falling asleep and want something natural in their sleep routine. We've gone back to basics and only added two essential oils, no nasty chemicals, no nasty food colourings or dyes. Just essential oils!

We recommend spraying your pillow just as you are about to lie down, between 5 to 10 sprays or however many you want. Just don't do too many, because otherwise it can get too strong and overpowering.  If you really struggle falling asleep, or you turn your pillow over frequently whilst trying to get comfortable then we would suggest spraying both sides.

What makes ours different to others out there, the smell doesn't linger all night which is great for those who just want to use it to help them fall asleep. We know for a fact it works well on dogs too, as our dog has proven this theory.

Roller Bottles: New to Melody's Magical Scents is our Roller Bottle collection. We have an array of roller bottles that are constantly expanding.

Roller bottles can be used pretty much anywhere over your body. It depends on what works best for you.

We recommend putting the roller bottles on places such as the insides of your wrists, temple of your forehead, behind the earlobes, the back of your neck and pulse points.

In the image is a spray bottle that is showing mist
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