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Coming Soon

We are excited to announce our newest products launching soon!

We are currently in the testing phase of our roller bottles, which are ideal for those who suffer with pain or insomnia.

We are also pleased to announce that we have created a new pillow spray to try at night, which is also in the testing phase.

New sprays are being created all the time, so keep an eye out on this page to see what is coming soon!

Below are products that are currently being tested right now and will be available for purchase soon.

They are:

Blue Serenity Shower Spray

Citrus Burst Shower Spray

Fresh Focus Spritz Shower Spray

Ginger Zaps Shower Spray

Juniper Berry Breeze Shower Spray

Mediterranean Melody Shower Spray

Rouge Paradise Shower Spray

Melody's Magical Mango Relief Balm

Melody's Stubborn Itch Balm.

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